Cappadocia Activities

~ turkish bath with scrub & massage ~


√ Separate Sections for Men & Women.
√ Includes Face Mask, Scrub & Massage.
√ Oil Massage Option Available.

A Turkish bath is a great way to clear your pores of all that dust you picked up during your day out in Cappadocia.

The best known hamam in Cappadocia is in Goreme, and there are different sections for men and women. We can arrange a 10% reduction for our guests.

You can be picked up at the hotel, or stop by at the end of your tour. Alternatively, if you would like a multi day activity such as a valley walk or horseback riding in the morning, ATV tour in the afternoon followed by a Turkish bath, we can coordinate all your activities for you.

Included in the cost: face mask, sauna, shower, hot marble slab, scrub, 15 minute foam massage.



Near the entrance there is a lobby with lockers or cubicles. You will collect your slippers (terlik) and thin cloth to wrap around your body (pestemal). You will then change and lock your valubles away. If you feel more comfortable, you can keep on your underwear (best to take a spare set with you).

You will pass through a cooler room where the toilets and showers are located, then into the main room with a marble slab (gobektasi), and in the same room or in rooms to the side you will find marble basins (kurna) with small bowls (tasi). The idea is to put some warm/hot water into the marble basin, then with the small bowl scoop it out and pour it over your body. The water in the basin should be kept clean; not contaminated with soap. You can also use the water from the basin to splash over the marble slab before you lie on it. There is also a steam room (sauna).

You should relax in the heat for about 20 minutes at least to loosten up your body and open your pores. You will them be ready to be called for the scrub (kese) and massage (masaj). The standard massage is the soap massage, where they squeeze foam over your body from an air and soap filled pillowcase. You may also have an oil massage.

You may relax further in the hot room before returning to the lobby, where it is common to sit, relax and chat as you cool down before drying and changing. For this reason drinks including Turkish or apple tea are usually sold in the lobby, and you can often buy soaps and even spare underwear, too.