Cappadocia Private Tours

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P2. Cappadocia Inside Out Tour
Private Tour – 2 Days

√ An awesome valley walk, underground city and traditional village.
√ See traditional and historical Cappadocia both inside and out.
√ You can adapt this tour to your interests.

SUMMARY: Hike in Red/Rose Valley for 4-6 km with awesome views and surprizes around every corner in the rocky landscape. The walk ends in Cavusin village where there is a rock castle which once housed all the inhabitants. After lunch go underground in either Kaymakli or Derinkuyu to explore one of these incredible underground cities where the inhabitants were completetly protected from the outside world. End the day in the old Greek village of Mustafapasa (Greek name Sinassos) with its beautiful Medrese doorway and turning pillar, the 19th century church of Constantine and Helena, and traditional stone houses with detailed stone decorations. You can even h

Fully licensed English speaking guide, a/c vehicle, driver, gas, car parking, guide’s and driver’s lunches, tax.

Your lunch, drinks, museum entrances, any personal expenditure, tips.


Valley Walk Cappadocia

RED & ROSE VALLEY WALK. Hike in Cappadocia’s most beautiful valleys and countryside. Escape the crowds – get into nature – feel the spirit of the landscape – explore cave churches, pigeon houses, natural tunnels carved by running water – walk through the grape gardens of the locals with their fruit and nut trees – this is the REAL, AWESOME CAPPADOCIA that has existed for millenia, a paradise not seen on the regular tours. BOOK by EMAIL ››

Cavusin Castle Cappadocia

CAVUSIN CASTLE, at the end of the walk, is a spectacular rock citadel that once housed everyone in the village. While it was a relatively safe place to live, the villagers had to carry their water up to their homes every day. The village was home to many Christians, and Saint John the Baptist’s Church, despite its poor condition, is still worth finding. You can also follow a narrow path to the top of the castle visiting some of the more recently lived–in homes on the way. As you descend on the other side there are some lovely examples of fairy chimneys. BOOK by EMAIL ››

Underground City Plan

KAYMAKLI UNDERGROUND CITY is one of the most amazing man–made wonders of the world. Although all towns and villages in Cappadocia once had safe and secure secret rooms dug out of the soft tufa (tuff) rock, the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu are intrinsically different because their size, scale, and evidence of underground city planning. Up to 50 meters deep and 3 kilometers wide, as many as 5,000 people were able to hide safely underground out of site of the enemy, with their store of food that could last for months if necessary.

Underground City

Life (and death) could continue relatively normally in these well–ventilated cities lit by linseed–oil lamps, which had their own water supply, stockpiled food, kitchens, toilets, churches and even graveyards safe behind their gigantic circular mill–stone doors which could only be opened from the inside. The people could even cook food safely, as multiple chimneys dispersed the smoke imperceptibly so their presence would not be discovered by the enemy. BOOK by EMAIL ››

Village Lady on a Donkey

MUSTAFAPASA (SINASSOS) town remained predominantly Christian throughout the Seljuk and early Ottoman periods, although the Muslim population increased from then on. The Byzantine Greek (Christian) population in the area kept alive their language over the centuries and even developed their own unique dialect. Sinasos, the Greek name for the town, became wealthy by trading with Istanbul, and some splendid old stone Greek houses rich in decoratively carved symbols are not to be missed. It’s still possible to walk into some buildings which have the original paintings on the walls.

Village Ladies Working

The Byzantine Greeks left the village during the exchange of populations agreed in the Treaty of Lausanne, and the incoming Turks took over their houses. While you are here, take a stroll through the narrow streets of this old town and see traditional Turkish rural life. Don't miss the beautiful ornamentation at the entrance of the 19th century Church of Constantine and Helena in the town centre, one of the biggest in the region. You might like to take a break at Old Greek House so that you can travel back in time as you sit in the authentic atmosphere. BOOK by EMAIL ››